Up, Running and Writing a Storm!

Since I’m finally back up and running, I got together briefly w/ the MoB folks (Xy and Fyurae) and we’ve hammered out the details (sorta) of my next segment contribution to the podcast. As such, I’ve been diligently working on writing up this upcoming piece (rather, pieces, since it’s going to take awhile for me to have all the points and sub-topics talked about). More work, no play, makes Blademartial a little flustered… so I’m using the excuse of “working on my writing” to finally work my main to hit 65 (FINALLY! I’ve slacked waaaay too long on this by playing alts). I’ve been sitting at 63 for quite awhile, and now I’m about 1/2 way through 64 now. Just a bunch more questing and voila! All done. Now… need to grab a couple of kinmates and coerce them into running a couple dungeons and some group quests with me! :-D

Until next time, happy hunting!


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