A Minor Dilemma…

So here I am, an admitted Alt-aholic, and yet I can’t seem to nail down a class other than my Champion, that I really love to play!  I like the Hunter, Guardian and the Rune-keeper.  I’ve dabbled with the Warden (and gave up around level 20 due to my inability to memorize the skills) and the Minstrel (again, gave up around 20, but this was back in SoA days, and now they’re easier to level from what I hear).  Anyhoot… the point is this… here I am, a handful of alts… and not a single one of them do I really enjoy or at least look forward to playing and leveling.  I absolutely refuse to roll another Champion (at least on the same server).  So… with that all said… I’m open to suggestions.  Anyone out there wanna toss me an idea, thought, suggestion, limerick?  Anything?  Hollah at ya boy!

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