A Little Leveling Music….

Normally I’m amazingly picky and stingy when it comes to me sharing my tastes in music with others… however… my brother and I were talking today about leveling and being able to chit-chat via skype or vent… and while we aren’t always on the same schedule, I like to listen to music while I level.  But not just any music… I have a crazy obsession with Deadmau5, the not-a-DJ, more-performer, but-kinda-just-a-cool-music-maker-guy.  So here’s the current playlist that I’m rocking out to while I’ve been able to play the last week.  Again… this is just highlights (and easier to find songs on YouTube….) of my playlist.

All tracks are Deadmau5, unless otherwise noted.

“We Fail”

Hybrid-“Finished Symphony (Deadmau5 remix)”

“Some Chords (Original Mix-Full Version)”


“Brazil (2nd Edit)”

“Ghosts N Stuff (feat Rob Swire)”

“Hi Friend! (feat MC Flipside)”

“The Reward Is Cheese (vs. Jelo)”

“Vanishing Point”

This section is for dungeons/raids/moors:

Fedde le Grand – “Back and Forth (feat Mr. V)”

David Guetta – “I Wanna Go Crazy (feat Will.i.am)”

Prodigy – “Invaders Must Die”

Hyper Crush – “The Arcade”

Hyper Crush – “Keep Up”

Fedde le Grand – “Praise You 2009 (FLG Remix)”

Muse – “Resistance (Tiësto Remix)”

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