Too Long Since I Last Said, “I Love You….”

Yea… crud… I just realized that it’s been a couple weeks since my last post and for that, I humbly apologize to my five readers (wife included)!

Been busy with work and tinkering here and there in the free land of Middle-Earth!  I have to admit… that the majority of the items that I’ve purchased in the Store have been convenience based purchases (riding skill and horses for my lower leveled alts).  But I’ve picked up a couple miscellaneous junk items as well!  Tune in a little later and I’ll rant and rave about why I am happy continuing to pay a monthly subscription for a game that has gone “Free To Play”!


P.S. If you read my blog, and you haven’t started following my madness on Twitter, check it out! (or just @blademartial)

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