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Get Your Shoulder Bazookas!!

Dear Turbine,

Shoulder Bazookas need to be a Champion only item initiated and implemented immediately into the game.  If you have any questions, please refer to the “Champion Round Table” podcast episode from Casual Stroll to Mordor.

k, thnx.



Hooooo Nelly!

Wow… I didn’t realize how fast time has flown by!  I’m sorry I’ve slacked so royally on updating my blog!

So… updates… yea… let’s rock.

First and largest is that I’m working like a mad man these days.  I’m in a role where I migrate, aggregate, dedupe, process, verify and validate, compliment, hi-five and beer-chug with data.  Mainly it’s all for a VERY large retailer, however, I do some other stuff here and there for the company as well.  As such.. I’ve been working 9-16 hour shifts… 3-5 days a week.  And it’s killing me.  But I love the work, love the people I work with, and have a blast doing it.

As such.. I haven’t had all that much time to game at ALL lately.  It’s stinky!  I’ve managed to fill in some Borderlands here and there since I can pick up and save/quit whenever I want.. a little harder to do that while questing in LotRO or WoW.  I have to admit.. even though I’m about a year or more late to coming around to this game.. it’s friggin’ AWESOME!  I’m stoked that Meghan over at the LOTRO Community Forums was chatting about it and sold me on the game.  Good buy!

When I have had a little more time to game.. I’ve been playing a little LOTRO here and there (mostly just a skirmish w/ my RK or working on the quests in Enedwaith on my Champ).  But I’ve spent most of that time leveling my Priest in WoW.  I’ve always hated the concept of healing in an MMO.  I’m a tank, through and though, and I prefer melee classes almost ALWAYS.  But I have to admit… there’s an interesting draw to the challenge of healing in an MMO.  Hence.. leveling my Priest in WoW and my RK in LOTRO.  But.. I’m far far away from end-game stuff yet… but having a lot of fun working with those class types.

Also…. news and noteworthy…. This Friday at 9pm EST, I’ll be joining the Casual Stroll to Mordor’s Champion Class Round Table discussion!  I’m super excited about this!  Since work has literally bombarded all my freetime as of late… and the “hiatus” status of Mordor or Bust… I’m excited about having a little guest spot back on a podcast, and a damn good one to boot!  So some of my freetime this week will be dedicated to actually studying how I handle my champ.  It’s all so muscle memory these days that I don’t even know a majority of the skill names.  But.. a few notes to take and a little dungeon, Moors, and skirmish runs later… and I’m almost all set.  Prepare yourself Merric.  I’m going to mess with you.  😀


That’s all for now, buckos!  Have fun, and happy hunting!