An Absence?

Well… great news is I landed a job yesterday! Rough news is I have to pass a couple of major certifications with only a little amount of time to prep for them. As such, I’ll be absent for a little while (probably a couple of weeks) from the blog and LOTRO world. But when I come back, I’ll let everyone know.

First Certificate on the deck: Linux+ Needs to be done in 2 weeks (just a lot of cramming and studying, and I’ll get it!)
Second: RHCT (Red Had Certification). This one is far more intensive and specific and I have two months to complete it. Gonna be a busy bee!


Up, Running and Writing a Storm!

Since I’m finally back up and running, I got together briefly w/ the MoB folks (Xy and Fyurae) and we’ve hammered out the details (sorta) of my next segment contribution to the podcast. As such, I’ve been diligently working on writing up this upcoming piece (rather, pieces, since it’s going to take awhile for me to have all the points and sub-topics talked about). More work, no play, makes Blademartial a little flustered… so I’m using the excuse of “working on my writing” to finally work my main to hit 65 (FINALLY! I’ve slacked waaaay too long on this by playing alts). I’ve been sitting at 63 for quite awhile, and now I’m about 1/2 way through 64 now. Just a bunch more questing and voila! All done. Now… need to grab a couple of kinmates and coerce them into running a couple dungeons and some group quests with me! :-D

Until next time, happy hunting!


Mysterious Mysteries from Mysterious People (?)

Got an email today from a couple friends of mine from a couple games we play together.  Curious and curious… I said that I was to be shortly receiving a gift of welcoming from them shortly.  I’ve gamed with these folks for a good 3 years, so I’m really worried that it will either be A) 6pk of beer, B) a pink tutu, or C) a pack of black licorice (person fav of mine).

Whatever it will be, I am blessed to know and game with good folks!

Weekend update!

Had a good weekend, rather productive for still being down.

For those that don’t know, both of my sons, five and two, are on the Autism Spectrum (Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD).  My oldest was diagnosed at 3, and my youngest was diagnosed a few months ago.  It’s been a rough and tumble struggle through complete and stunning lack of information from our pediatricians, to an overload of information from websites, Autism organisations, and other families that share our journey.  Both my wife and I read Jenny McCarthy’s book about battling Autism “Mother Warriors.”  A very good book, while opinionated through a majority of the editorials, however, it was the testimonials from other families struggling as we have that opened my eyes and heart to other means, treatment and avenues.  Anyways!  Back on topic: Ian, my oldest son, battles from severely chronic constipation.  This weekend was a doozy, and we’ve finally been able to allow him the relief that he was 7 days overdue for.  As such, my weekend spent at home (when I was here) was consoling and cleaning up after him.  Always rough to go through, but my heart is completely out to my son for having to endure this far too often.

Friday I went up to my Brother-in-law’s place by Lake Pleasant and helped him and his wife move.  It was a small move, but was my first opportunity working in the 100F+ heat of the Arizona desert.  Luckily for me, my Sister-in-law caught it quickly, sent me home, and I got hit with a minor case of heat exhaustion.  Took me a couple of hours of rest, lots of water, but I was quickly back on my feet.  Went up again Saturday evening for a mini-BBQ, hung out with family and had a good time.  It’s been a little refreshing to not have my PC up and running, but at the same time, I long to get my sweet gaming rig back up and running!

Hoping that tomorrow morning or afternoon, I’ll finally get notification back from MSI that they’re sending me repaired or replaced board.  Hoping, wishing, offering sacrificial animals, etc.

That’s all for now, folks.  Until next time, happy hunting!

Updates, complaints, and resolutions

Since I’m still down and out as far as a working PC (motherboard still in RMA, but more on that later…), I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands as of late.

I’ve lived vicariously through LOTRO blogs and podcasts.  I’ve surfed LOTRO forums.  I even talked to my brother about the upcoming published changes to WoW.  I’ve been bored.  Amazingly bored.

But… there’s a rib that needs to be broken.  I sent off my motherboard on Monday to MSI for RMA.  Fedex was my mode of shipping.  I got an email from MSI today saying that they received my RMA motherboard.  About 30 minutes later, I got another email from MSI saying it’s now in repair, diagnostics or replacement status.  I then logged onto Fedex just to see if they finally updated the status as “delivered” and guess what?  It’s still, according to them, “on delivery truck.”  That just goes to show that while they deliver the package, their updating system isn’t exactly on par with what I would prefer.  Personal taste, but nonetheless.

With that all said, I’m surprised with how quickly MSI has processed my RMA up to this point.  I’m hoping that they’ll continue to surprise me with a representative knocking at my door tomorrow morning with a brand new motherboard, a smile on their face, and an ice cold Frappaccino in their hands.  If wishes were nickels, I’d be Bill Gates.  But back to the point: I’m hoping that they’ll continue to process it quickly.  Nothing like being down and out on your PC for over a week.  It’s really not fun.  And using a 7 year old Dell laptop tweaked to run Linux (which while I “can” play my games on it, it’s HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED) isn’t exactly warming of the heart.  But… I have the internets.  And that makes me a little happy.

Until next time!


Hello and WELCOME!!

Hello and welcome everyone!  Blademartial here, from LOTRO’s Brandywine server!  Recently, I got an awesome opportunity to contribute to the Mordor or Bust Podcast (!  In my first little segment, I briefly talk about the PvMP system (Monster side) featured in the game.  In my next segment, I’ll take a look at the Freep side of the coin!  Keep tuning in to the MoB Podcast!